About us

BiznesChem Ltd. is an engineering company that performs a wide range of design work for petrochemical, chemical, and oil and gas chemical production facilities. The company does comprehensive design work, where the main part of the project – process and mechanical design – is developed concurrently with the auxiliary parts – architectural and civil, automation, electrotechnical, heating and ventilation, water supply and sanitation, specialized sections (Industrial Safety Declaration, civil defense engineering measures, energy conservation, counterterror measures), etc. BiznesChem Ltd. has the knowledge and experience to work on all project development stages, including:
· Development of design and detail engineering documentation;
· Development of source data for engineering alongside scientific research institutes;
· Feasibility studies of projects;
· Equipment selection and data sheet drafting for its manufacture and supply;
· Projects for the liquidation and temporary closing of production facilities;
· Authorial supervision services;
· Consulting services concerning design and construction.

These issues are addressed by professionals who have longstanding experience in the design, construction and operation of hazardous production facilities in the chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas processing industries, including those who hold PhDs. A number of professionals have published articles and scientific work.

Projects are developed using computer-aided design and specialized programs.

BiznesChem Ltd. carries out HAZOP studies for the oil and gas sector to identify safety and operability issues. Regulatory audit authorities engage the company's specialists as industrial safety experts.