Industrial Safety

Working with hazardous industrial facilities and especially hazardous industrial facilities, BiznesChem Ltd. realizes it has a responsibility to society and future generations to comply with norms for industrial, fire and ecological safety, and the protection of and rational use of natural resources.

A great amount of attention is paid to environmental protection – adherence to norms concerning maximum permissible emissions into the air, water and ground – in all projects realized by the company.

To this end closed-loop water systems are used as well as modern methods for the treatment of gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Sections “Environmental Protection” and “Environmental Impact Assessment” are included in all projects.

BiznesChem Ltd. develops projects for recycling at oil production, gas production, oil processing and petrochemical facilities.

The company’s management is certified by the Central Certification Commission of Roztechnadzor (Federal Service on Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision) on industrial safety norms and standards concerning industrial safety and occupational safety in the chemical, petrochemical, petroleum processing, petroleum and gas industries.

ООО «БизнесХим» разрабатывает проекты утилизации отходов при добыче нефти, газа, нефтепереработки, нефтехимии.

The design department includes industrial safety experts, and the technical personnel regularly takes courses according to the Rostechnadzor scheme to raise their qualifications.

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